Consultations & Costs

What to expect

The initial consultation usually lasts 1.5-2 hours to enable an in-depth understanding of your overall health and well-being to be established. This involves taking a detailed case history to explore your presenting complaint and general health, along with your past medical history, family history, any conventional medications and supplements taken, diet and lifestyle. Typically, your pulse and blood pressure will be taken and other physical examinations may be carried out if appropriate.

This information allows a diagnosis to be made, from which a treatment plan can be discussed and agreed which not only aims to address your current symptoms but importantly targets any contributing factors and underlying causes whether on a physical, mental or emotional level. A herbal medicine prescription, individually tailored to your needs, will be dispensed, and in addition, nutritional and lifestyle advice may also be given. In some cases other forms of health care may be suggested e.g. psychotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture etc.

After your first visit a follow-up 30-minute appointment within 2-3 weeks is usual to assess your initial progress and review your treatment plan and herbal prescription. Further appointments are generally at 4-6 week intervals but may become less frequent depending on progression: these regular reviews may see changes to your prescription to adapt to the improvements in your health. It is often difficult to anticipate at the outset how long treatment will last as each individual case is different and some conditions take longer to respond than others.


    Consultation fees:

Initial Consultation (1½-2 hours): £50.00

Follow-up Consultation(s) (30-45 minutes): £30.00


Tincture per 100mls: £10.00 (approx. 1 week’s supply)

Creams and ointments 60g: £8.00

Teas/Dried herbs 100g: £10.00

Syrups, oils or capsules may also be prescribed: individually priced

Dispensing fee for repeat prescriptions: £3.00 if no follow on consultation, plus postage and packing if the items are sent in the post.

    Payment: Cash or cheque on the day, or bank transfer (BACS) by arrangement.